I am available for several types of consultation in person, by phone, or via video conferencing. Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you are interested in receiving consultation.

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Individual consultation for therapists

For licensed therapists. Individual consultation includes, but is not limited to self care of the therapist; vicarious traumatization; assessing and treating trauma and abuse; dissociation; attachment; treatment planning; organizing and sequencing treatment in complex cases; therapeutic impasses and resistances; managing self-harm and suicidality; transference and countertransference, setting a therapy frame and helpful boundaries; and private practice issues.

In person, phone, or HIPAA compliant video conferencing appointments.

Individual consultation and assessments for patients (IN PERSON ONLY)

For those who are interested in being assessed for dissociation or other trauma-related issues; who want help understanding a stuck place in therapy; who want referrals to other therapists, or who are needing more information about dissociation and trauma. Please note that consultation is not the same as therapy. I am unable to provide long-distance therapy for anyone not living within the metro Atlanta area.

In person appointments only.

Joint consultation for therapist and patient together

For support and help with stuck places in the therapy and the therapeutic relationship.

In person only.

Comprehensive treatment planning consultations for patients and their therapists

We will explore your priorities and needs in therapy, and develop a reasonable and step-wise treatment plan that supports skills building, collaboration, competency, and self-determination.

In person only.

Consultation Groups

For licensed therapists (beginning and advanced) that address all issues of psychotherapy, including, but not limited to assessment, trauma, dissociation, attachment, transference and countertransference, care of the therapist, crisis management, ethics, boundaries, limit setting, therapeutic alliance, management of co-morbid conditions, sequencing and pacing of treatment, and more.

In person or video conferencing appointments.



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I am not currently taking new psychotherapy patients, but am glad to give referrals or offer consultation. Please visit the Metropolitan Psychotherapy Associates website for more information about my private practice.