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I am available to give trainings or presentations ranging from two hours, to 3 days, to multi-session intensive series on a wide variety of topics from introductory to advanced levels. My trainings combine highly practical interventions with a clear conceptual foundation, in accordance with current research and standard of care for complex developmental trauma disorders. Concepts are always illustrated with a wide range of case examples, and I often incorporate experiential practice of skills and interventions for participants, time permitting. Please see suggested topics below. I am happy to talk with you in detail about which topics and length of presentation might be most helpful for your intended audience. 

Generally, several months advance notice is needed to schedule longer workshops, but occasionally shorter presentations with a bit less notice can be accommodated, depending on my schedule and the nature of the presentation. Feel free to contact me to discuss what you would like.

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  • Assessment of clients, their strengths, deficits, and potential prognosis
  • Case formulation for complex clients
  • Comprehensive planning for therapy and prioritizing and sequencing in a complex therapy
  • Practical, integrative approaches to complex trauma and dissociation
  • Phase-oriented approach to complex trauma and dissociation
  • Understanding and managing attachment and dependency issues, and effectively managing the therapeutic relationship
  • Setting and maintaining helpful therapeutic boundaries
  • Working with chronic shame
  • Integration of somatic approaches in psychotherapy with complex trauma
  • Working with self harm, suicidality, and other self destructive behaviors
  • Stabilizing crisis-prone clients
  • Understanding and managing transference and countertransference in complex trauma
  • Supporting clients to gain motivation and take responsibility for their therapy
  • Working with borderline and other personality organizations in trauma
  • Recognizing and resolving conflicts, resistance, and impasses in therapy
  • Working with traumatic memories
  • Working with positive emotion and experience in complex trauma
  • Mindful ethics and compassionate self care
  • Preventing and healing burnout and vicarious traumatization in the therapist



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