This workshop is an introduction to working with the body in clients with dissociative disorders for therapists who use traditional “talk therapy” approaches. Recent developments in several converging fields of study have created a growing awareness of the role of the body both in maintaining and resolving chronic trauma responses. Neurobiology has demonstrated actual physical changes in brain structure and function, neuroendocrine systems, and other physical adaptations in response to chronic trauma. Attachment and evolutionary perspectives - particularly the integrative work of Stephen Porges - have given us new understandings of ways to address chronic defenses of fight, flight, freeze and faint, transforming them into a more steady homeostatic state in which our clients are present and engaged with themselves and with others. This workshop will be taught both by an expert in the traditional treatment of dissociation and an expert in working with the body. We will offer an understanding of the role of the body in trauma and in recovery. Participants will learn ways to integrate practical approaches to the body in dissociative clients in the context of traditional psychotherapy.