How often have you discovered that a client is highly dissociative and asked, “Where can I refer this client?” If so, you know that there are not enough clinicians available to work with these clients. Yet they are a significant clinical population that present for treatment. This workshop will help you feel confident in your ability to treat highly dissociative clients effectively. You will learn skills to prepare clients for an adapted version of EMDR reprocessing. Kathy will focus on specific and highly practical skills to deal with dissociation in ways that support the maintenance and improvement of the client’s functioning. She will offer an integrative approach, using a coherent combination of cognitive, somatic, emotional, and dynamic modalities, including references to EMDR Therapy. Participants will learn to work systematically to support the individual as a whole person. A brief overview of the concept of dissociation will be provided, as well as an overview of phased or sequenced treatment, which is the standard of care for dissociative disorders. Participants will learn a range of interventions to stabilize clients. Trauma-related phobias, especially the phobia of inner experience (that is, thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, wishes, needs) will be addressed and their treatment described as a central part of therapy. Participants will learn how to maintain optimal closeness and distance with dissociative clients who simultaneously experience the therapist as needed and dangerous.