Stabilization: Navigating Developmental Repair with Relational and Regulatory Interventions in Phase 1 and BeyonD

This practical workshop will focus on relational and stabilization skills to improve regulation and decrease the need for dissociation in individuals with Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. Treatment is as much about developmental and relational repair as it is about confrontation of traumatic memories for these individuals. Our clients are impacted not only by overwhelming events and neglect, but by the terrible harm done to their developmental trajectories across the lifespan. These altered developmental pathways include underlying neurobiological changes that impact the very fabric of the clients everyday experience. Clients typically do not have the integrative capacity and skills to resolve traumatic memory without significant therapeutic work to stabilize and build regulatory skills. Attendees will learn specific and practical strategies for increasing the clients ability to reflect; appropriately use both relational and self regulation; resolve inner-directed phobias, such as the phobia of inner experience (e.g., thoughts, feelings, sensations, wishes, needs); develop inner calmness, safety and self-compassion; and to work with dissociative parts of the dissociative client in an integrative way. A specific approach to developing the therapeutic alliance that addresses the clients approach-avoidance strategies in relationships and minimizes dependency will be described.

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